Creative Communications Consultants is a full-service, business-to-business marketing communications and public relations agency specializing in industrial, commercial and technical markets. We work with the companies whose marketing people used to say, “We can’t find an agency that understands our products or our customers.” CCC’s expert staff loves complex B2B products and services, and the agency’s long experience has touched almost any industry you can name. We enjoy what we do, and have a 35-year track record of proven results and happy clients.

All of our programs include planning, implementation and measurement. We’ll tailor your product launch, annual plan or other program using the communications mix best suited for achieving your objectives. This could include SEO tactics for raising your website’s organic search ranking, PR tactics such as case studies and feature articles for increasing market awareness and credibility, or electronic advertising to drive website traffic and generate sales leads. Because we start with a thorough understanding of your customers’ needs and your product’s benefits, we can be creative and impactful with your marketing messages—and that leads to marcomm that works.

Team CCC

Susan McPherson
Susan McPhersonOwner / President
Officially the agency’s president and agency owner, a more apt title for Susan would be Chief Enthusiast. This enthusiasm also explains why she and CCC have been doing B2B marketing communications since 1978. Susan has a passion for business-to-business marketing in general, and it’s difficult to find an industrial/technical market she doesn’t know something about.

A constant eagerness to learn new things is also behind her current after-hours project—taking Italian language classes with the goal of not ordering a plate full of anchovies (again) in Italy.

Mary Jones
Mary JonesSenior Account Manager
Where do ideas come from? For Mary, sometimes during lap 17 of a morning swim. Sometimes through sheer persistence and lots of research.

Mary’s clients depend on her dedication to creating well-crafted messages that meet their objectives. Her clients can also count on gentle nudges to help projects stay on schedule and on budget.

Jennifer Grasswick
Jennifer GrasswickAccount Manager
To understand and promote CCC clients’ intricacies, Jennifer calls on her eclectic degrees in business economics, philosophy and chemistry as well as a recent master’s degree in strategic communication with an emphasis on business-to-business marketing communications. (Whew!)

Jennifer’s creative thinking and insightful questions may surface first thing in the morning or while hiking with her Cocker Spaniel and Golden Retriever. When not busy at work, Jennifer relishes road trips and exploring new destinations.

Kevin Paulson
Kevin PaulsonAccount Manager
Kevin brings a mix of agency and in-house marketing communications experience to CCC, having worn both account executive and art director hats for industrial/commercial manufacturers. He is a dedicated and experienced professional who brings energy and creativity to every task, including his recent Google AdWords certification.

In his free time, Kevin enjoys daddy-daughter date nights at the MOA with his 12-year-old daughter, and retreating with his wife to their home away from home near Brainerd—where he photographs birds (and maybe a flying squirrel or two) and creates cabin-themed crafts.

Deb Hyden
Deb HydenMedia Director
Deb’s ability to identify the right pieces for integrated media plans makes her a great fit for the agency’s Media Director. I wouldn’t recommend doing a jigsaw puzzle with her, though—she’ll finish it before you can find the corner pieces.

Audience identification, vehicle selection and rate negotiation are pieces Deb assembles to help meet clients’ marketing communications messages. She also helps monitor ROI of media budgets through research and electronic tracking.

Mitch Bossart
Mitch BossartDirector, Business Development
With over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing for product development companies, Mitch knows how to get things rolling. That’s because Mitch loves playing any sport with a ball: baseball, football, softball, volleyball, ping pong, foosball, croquet, racquetball, pool—you name it. Rollerball? Not yet, but 2018 is in the not too distant future.

As CCC’s business development director, Mitch combines his knowledge of local industries with broad experience managing marketing initiatives to quickly earn trust and build relationships with new clients.

Grant Thornburg
Grant ThornburgCreative Director
Grant likes to keep tabs on both the real and the esoteric, whether it’s appreciating the scenery four miles into a tough run, or tweaking the arc of his backswing on a beautiful summer golf course in Minnesota.

Balancing right-brain precision with left-brain creativity comes in handy when taking client projects from concept, through the intricacies of the digital world, to polished final output.

Joe Kondrak
Joe KondrakProduction Artist / Designer
Want to be certain your content looks great, is accurate and meets specifications? Run it by Joe, whose title could also be accuracy hawk. Whether starting from scratch or reviewing and manipulating existing content, his sharp eye will make it look good, while ensuring every i is dotted and every t is crossed. For both print and web, your content is Joe’s top priority.

Away from the office, Joe spends his time on creative hobbies like macro photography and illustration, playing games, conversing with his wife about anything and everything, and shooting hoops.

Claire Cunningham
Claire CunninghamSEO / Social Media Specialist / Copywriter
Claire has been in B2B marketing communications for over 25 years, with stints as media manager, production manager, traffic manager and account manager—so she knows the ropes inside and out. She loves working with industrial and technical products.

Recently Claire has focused on the use of social media and other web-based communications tools for business-to-business marketing. It’s a fascinating, fast-changing world and a fun challenge. She’s always liked to write, so she’s directing her efforts toward content creation for CCC’s clients. Her copy sings, and in her spare time, she does too.

Sandy Hanson
Sandy HansonController
Sandy settles the nature vs. nurture debate. As in, it’s in her nature to nurture. She rescued her now 13-year-old cats just a day after they were born.

As Controller, Sandy nurtures the agency’s systems and processes. Her dedication to process improvement helps staff spend more time on value-added services for CCC’s clients.

Doug Groover
Doug GrooverProduction Manager
As the traffic hub at CCC, Doug’s role is to ensure client projects are completed on time and efficiently. Besides being a gentle but effective taskmaster, he’s also a problem-solver who learns about everything and uses what he learns to improve CCC’s processes and work.

Doug spends his off-hours playing with his new son, re-purposing anything wooden for use at home and (if time permits) trying to find the answer to life’s great questions over a puzzle or game of cards with his wife.