B2B marcomm — How to be seen everywhere at once

The benefits of combining advertising and PR in your marcomm program

Keeping your messages in front of your target audience at all times is one of the keys to marketing communications success. Whether your prospect is reading a trade journal, surfing the internet, opening the mail, checking email or attending a trade show, the more times he encounters your messages, the more likely he is to remember your company and products and, ultimately, to buy from you. [...]

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“Play it again, Sam” — what Bogart knew about B2B marcomm

Okay, so Humphrey Bogart’s famous line in Casablanca is one of the film industry’s most widely misquoted. But the idea of repetition is good advice for business-to-business marketers. It’s called the frequency phenomenon, and it explains why we sometimes find ourselves saying the lines to a TV commercial or singing along with a radio jingle. Frequency, in marketing communications lingo, measures the number of times your marketing message reaches your target audience in a given time period. […]

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The advantage of standing out

I read a Wall Street Journal article about how looking unique can enhance your perceived importance. Although humans are hard-wired to blend in and conform to group norms, we can also view someone who flouts these norms as being more important and powerful. This reminds me of a basic marketing and advertising principle: If you want attention, be different. You can’t bore someone into buying your product, so it pays to be interesting and engaging. Ads, mailers, email and trade show displays that show some flair and uniqueness tend to be the ones that get attention. The trick, of course, is to stay relevant to your target audience while standing out from all the other marketing messages your target sees. […]

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Is B2B advertising a facts-only zone?

Does emotion work in business-to-business marketing? Many people would say no. Making a technical equipment purchase involves different considerations than, say, buying a new breakfast cereal. A bad decision for cereal can lead to unhappy family members, but a bad decision when buying an industrial component or a business service could have major business repercussions. It could even cost someone his job. So the thinking traditionally goes like this: The B2B prospect needs information, not emotion. Let’s just explain features. Our target is a technical expert so don’t try to sell. Play it straight and stick to the facts. That’s why trade ads often […]

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Is CCC full of Mad Men?

As a woman in advertising there’s a lot I don’t like about AMC’s hit series, Mad Men: The way women are treated in the workplace and in marriages. The drinking. The smoking. What do I like? The fashion’s fun. The acting’s very good. It’s true to the era. And it’s certainly a truer portrayal of the darker side of this business than I’ve seen elsewhere. However, being involved in B2B marketing—rather than the heady world of consumer brands the TV series covers—means I look at the show with different eyes. CCC doesn’t have a bunch of off-the-wall, cut-throat Mad Men or Women on staff, for a couple reasons: […]

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