default-150x150There was a time when a B2B company could write its marcomm strategy on the back of a napkin. The list would include print ads and news releases in trade publications, some targeted direct mail and requisite appearances at key industry shows. That was because you could reach the majority of your target audiences and get results using those three tactics. Deal done.

Everywhere or nowhere

In order to reach target audiences today, your marketing communications messages need to be everywhere your customers are looking—publications, trade shows, direct access, online resources and social media. Each of these media differs in how it reaches and impacts segments of your target audiences. Here are some tips for leveraging the increasing number of media options in today’s B2B environment:

Be consistent – Using consistent messaging not only reduces confusion, it provides the opportunity to increase the frequency of created impressions by leveraging your message across different platforms.

Complement – No, you don’t need to flatter your audience. This complement (with an “e”) refers to coordinating media to work together. Attending an upcoming trade show? Use other media to give your audience a reason to visit your booth (with a compelling call to action, of course).

Lead by example – Social media is still gaining acceptance, but making effective use of it now shows that you’re a forward-thinking company. Innovation doesn’t have to be limited to your products.

Be a resource – Not all marketing communications have to focus on the direct promotion of a product. Teaching your customers something new offers a different kind of value and can still subtly support your message.

Bring audiences together – Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and even blogs offer opportunities to build communities, share ideas and interact with customers.

While it requires more planning to engage the total spectrum of media, it pays off by reaching your entire target market in the ways they want to be reached. For more information about the best marketing communications strategy for you, contact