No, it’s not a strategy for surviving the “Hunger Games” or for completing quests in the online video game, “World of Warcraft.” It is, however, one of the best strategies for achieving effective and efficient B2B advertising results in both print and digital media. So, while sounding quite formidable, it is really a very simple and logical way to stretch your marcomm budget and make an even bigger impact on customers and prospects.

When a company is deciding how best to deliver marketing messages to its key audiences, two things are a given: 1) markets are large and diverse; 2) marcomm budgets are not limitless. This leads to the conclusion that you can’t afford to reach every possible customer or prospect effectively. When advertisers try to reach too many audiences simultaneously, they can’t afford to produce ads that provide proper impact and they can’t afford to run them with sufficient frequency. (Studies prove that an ad has to be seen and read at least three times before any increase in awareness occurs.) So, the first step in applying this strategy is to identify the single target audience that has the most potential for sales growth and volume.

Narrow the media

After you isolate the target audience, isolate the media outlets you intend to use. While it is human nature to assume that it would be better to have an ad in every print publication or e-magazine that reaches your market, it is usually a waste of resources. This is because your target audience usually subscribes to a number of publications, resulting is needless and ineffective duplication. Plus, the cost for ad placements in multiple media outlets limits the size, impact and frequency of ads, leading to very poor results overall.

Instead, select the top one or two publications that effectively reach your target audience and ignore the rest. Why? Because by limiting your ad buy to the top publication in a market you will still reach 80 percent of your target audience. And, you’ll be able to afford to reach them with much more frequency.

Dominate the market

Now that you’ve narrowed your audience and the number of media outlets, you’ll have the budget to create ads that have impact. In order to have impact, ads need to be large enough to get noticed, be strategically placed within print and digital media for maximum viewing, and appear with enough frequency during the year to raise awareness and stimulate action. The object is to dominate the advertising environment in one or two leading publications, giving readers the impression that your brand is strong, aggressive and ready to do business.

In this way, an advertiser can have greater impact on the target audience for a longer period of time and achieve better results. CCC generally recommends that ads appear at least six times a year in print publications and a similar amount in website, e-newsletter or digital magazines. Larger ads attract more attention and leave the reader with an impression of strong brand identification. The use of color also adds to the effectiveness of larger ads, and in e-magazines, it is important to have an “offer” ―such as a new white paper, brochure or video―to stimulate immediate click-throughs.

If you want to make your marketing communications more efficient and effective, remember the strategy of isolate and dominate.

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