A few months ago we gave you some ideas for blog content. (Blogpost:   Whats in your…blog? )  We hope you’ve put those ideas to good use. However, we know the pressure to come up with relevant content is unrelenting so we have some more ideas for you.

Here are some things that have worked well for us:


Contest trophy winnerWe have a client who markets an industrial automation product.  This year we’ve been writing a weekly blog for them. There’s constant pressure for content.

One of this client’s key messages is about how tough their products are, and one of their marcomm strategies was to get more case histories. We combined the two and proposed a contest that asked for entries in three categories – longest service life, most unusual use and toughest environment.

Entrants have to include an application description and a photo and give permission to use their application in our client’s marketing.  We let the entire sales and distribution network know about the contest and asked them to recruit entrants.  We also went directly to customers, asking them to enter. Here are the benefits of the contest:

  • Fodder for several blogposts – the contest announcement, a couple of updates and an announcement of the winners.
  • New case histories/application stories
  • Strengthened relationships with sales force, distributors and customers since we approached each group directly for help getting entries.

Is there a contest you could sponsor?  It takes forethought and some legwork to make a contest successful, but the benefits can be worth it.

Videos and Presentations

Sound, action, visual appeal.  Videos and presentations are hot right now for good reason – they can convey a lot of information quickly and in andigirtal camcorder entertaining fashion.  Plus both have separate social media hubs on which you can create your own channels – YouTube for videos and SlideShare for presentations.

However, the videos and presentations that have impact are well-produced.  What we’ve found is that a poorly-produced video or presentation will be viewed, but will wind up hurting the reputation of the company promoting it.  So enter this arena with caution.

Sandwich Posts

oreoThese are sometimes called “Oreos.”  The “filling” is an industry article that provides information your audience would find interesting while the bread – or cookie – parts are your introduction to the article and conclusions drawn.

If you’re monitoring the web for industry topics, you’ll run across articles from time to time.  This works well with industry videos and infographics as well as articles.


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