Being an account manager at Creative Communications Consultants is no walk in the park. In fact, it’s more like an amazing plate-spinning act. Not only do you need to be organized, detail-oriented and a strategic thinker with great timing and awesome communications skills, you also need to be able to wrap your head around technical and industrial topics the average person has never heard of.

Business-to-business marketing communications

Jennifer Grasswick

Lucky for CCC when we had an account team opening to fill, we found Jennifer Grasswick. Not only does she have professional and academic experience in scientific and technological fields, she’s got a master’s degree in strategic communication! Oh, and she’s a great writer as well.

Jennifer has been with CCC a few months now and has filled her days (and some nights) with project management, website revisions, ad creative, copywriting and planning for several CCC clients. They enjoy working with her and the feeling is mutual.


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Creative Communications Consultants, Inc. (CCC) is a business-to-business marketing communications agency. We specialize in providing strategic marketing communications thinking to marketers of industrial and commercial products who target B2B audiences.