ashtrayAs a woman in advertising there’s a lot I don’t like about AMC’s hit series, Mad Men: The way women are treated in the workplace and in marriages. The drinking. The smoking. What do I like? The fashion’s fun. The acting’s very good. It’s true to the era. And it’s certainly a truer portrayal of the darker side of this business than I’ve seen elsewhere. However, being involved in B2B marketing—rather than the heady world of consumer brands the TV series covers—means I look at the show with different eyes. CCC doesn’t have a bunch of off-the-wall, cut-throat Mad Men or Women on staff, for a couple reasons:

  • We focus on marketing first, and that requires an analytical and strategic approach—not to mention an understanding of often technical products and markets.
  • We work hard with our clients to define their message or Unique Selling Proposition before starting creative ideation. Our Positioning Summary process means creative teams don’t have to wander around to find a message. Less frustration. Better results, faster.

Yes, our strategic focus and deliberate process take out some of the drama, but then we’re not trying to create good television. We’re helping you sell your products or services. Come to think of it, the results of our programs are dramatically good. And that’s all the drama we’re after. Need help developing winning marketing communications programs? Contact your CCC account manager or email

Creative Communications Consultants, Inc. (CCC) is a business-to-business marketing communications agency. We specialize in providing strategic marketing communications thinking to marketers of industrial and commercial products who target B2B audiences.