CCC_emotionDoes emotion work in business-to-business marketing? Many people would say no. Making a technical equipment purchase involves different considerations than, say, buying a new breakfast cereal. A bad decision for cereal can lead to unhappy family members, but a bad decision when buying an industrial component or a business service could have major business repercussions. It could even cost someone his job.

So the thinking traditionally goes like this: The B2B prospect needs information, not emotion. Let’s just explain features. Our target is a technical expert so don’t try to sell. Play it straight and stick to the facts.

That’s why trade ads often look and sound kind of boring.

But, B2B purchasers are people, too. They have emotions. Buyers are often concerned with appearances – they want colleagues to think they are making good decisions that will positively impact the operation.

The key is this: emotion can be effective in an at-work setting, if the emotions focus on feelings about the benefits accruing to the company.

At CCC, we’re experts at understanding the buyer’s needs and wants. We use that understanding to create marketing that’s interesting and engaging. Marketing that goes beyond simple facts to the meaningful benefits of the product. Does that mean touching some emotional hot-buttons? Yes, it does. Sometimes the emotional appeal of your product or service sells better than facts.

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