socialmedia_channelsSocial media is more like broadcast media than print, so the word “channel” is used to denote the various social media vehicles. The top three channels are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. However, engineers are more likely to use LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. Here is an overview of each channel for a commercial/industrial marketer.


  • By far the most popular channel, with over a billion users.
  • Think of it as a cross between a block party, a cocktail party and a family reunion.
  • Personal contacts are called “friends.” Companies/brands have “likes.”
  • There is a distinction made between individuals and companies. The rules are different for each.


  • Think of it as something like the bar scene in that anyone can show up.
  • More than 500 million users worldwide, including more than 100 million in the U.S.
  • Contacts are called “followers.”
  • Messages are called “tweets” and have a 140-character maximum length.
  • Hashtags (# in front of a word) are used to organize conversations by topic.


  • More like a business meeting.
  • Over 150 million users. Twenty-six percent of Fortune 500 CEOs are on LinkedIn.
  • Companies can set up company pages and post updates, which are seen by followers.


  • Operates much like Facebook.
  • Over 400 million users. Typical user is male in late 20s with technical position or background.
  • Google+ users tend to be more technical than Facebook users.
  • Since Google currently rules the world of search, this is not a bad place to be; however, the jury is out as to its future role.

There are many other channels, but they are either too minor or too consumer-focused for this discussion. There are two, however, that offer possibilities for B2B marketers:


  • All video.
  • Owned by Google.

Slide Share

  • PowerPoint presentations.
  • Good adjunct to a social media program if you have expertise to share.
  • Owned by LinkedIn.

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