I read a Wall Street Journal article about how looking unique can enhance your perceived importance. Although humans are hard-wired to blend in and conform to group norms, we can also view someone who flouts these norms as being more important and powerful.

This reminds me of a basic marketing and advertising principle: If you want attention, be different. You can’t bore someone into buying your product, so it pays to be interesting and engaging. Ads, mailers, email and trade show displays that show some flair and uniqueness tend to be the ones that get attention.

The trick, of course, is to stay relevant to your target audience while standing out from all the other marketing messages your target sees. (You want to be unique, but meaningfully so.) This is where good creative tempered with solid market knowledge comes in. You (and your agency, if you use one) need to know what messages will matter to your audience—and then convey them in an unexpected way.

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