So you’re doing the right thing by writing a blog as part of your company’s marketing efforts. You’re sharing high-value content, avoiding self-promotion and posting regularly. Yet one thing is missing — readers.

Hoping that people will seek out (or stumble upon) your posts doesn’t work for business blogs. Your customers and prospects are inundated with information, so hope alone won’t get them to pay attention to the amazing content in your blog. In fact, folks won’t even know you have a blog unless you tell them.

It takes time, energy and consistent effort to get blog subscribers and readers. You need to repeat, repeat, repeat the message that your blog is well worth reading to get that message across.

The good news is that you can use some low-cost, online tools to get the word out.

Spreading the word

What’s the best way to promote your blog? Experts agree the two best ways to promote readership of your posts are:

  1. An email notice to subscribers
  2. Targeted posts in social media

There are many other tactics for supporting your blog as well. Below are promotion tactics ranging from fast & easy, to efforts that call for more time and commitment:

  • Include a link to your blog in email signatures, on letterhead and correspondence templates, on ads, etc.
  • Promote blog sign-up prominently throughout your website
  • Prominently display an up-to-date blogpost list on your home page
  • Write for other industry blogs
  • Post comments on relevant blogs
  • Make sure key employees (especially sales, marketing, engineering, customer service and management) subscribe to the blog
  • Encourage key employees to share posts with their relevant contacts
  • Promote your blog to all your contacts at least once a year
  • Encourage all sales organizations to share the blog with their customers. (Maybe have a contest for the most retweets, Facebook shares and LinkedIn shares.)
  • Have key employees actively participate in LinkedIn groups and any other relevant forums, with links to relevant blogposts
  • Use humor or controversy in your content. (Both attract attention. Use with caution, though, since both can backfire.)

A reminder about blog basics

The promotion ideas above are great, but if you don’t have your blog fundamentals in place, promotion won’t help. So, you might want to give your blog a best-practices checkup by considering these questions.

Does your blog:

  1. Have defined objectives and audience?
  2. Follow an editorial calendar?
  3. Publish regularly?
  4. Have a small number of authors and editors?
  5. Publish helpful material rather than product promotion or company news?
  6. Have a keyword strategy and follow SEO best practices?
  7. Link and cross-reference previous blogposts?
  8. Link to relevant web pages?
  9. Provide social sharing links for readers?
  10. Publish a variety of types of posts?

If your blog is languishing due to lack of readers, or for other reasons, call CCC for help or contact me at