Stealth marketing — don’t get caught doing it

If you’re piloting a jet fighter and need to avoid detection on enemy radar screens, then “stealth” is a wholly positive attribute. However, if you’re trying to sell a product or service to your market, you can’t be stealthy and successful at the same time. Yet occasionally, companies get into a mode we call stealth marketing. Stealth marketing is characterized by a hesitancy on the part of marketers to promote their wares too boldly — due to lack of confidence, lack of appropriate resources, or fear of tipping their hand to the competition. […]

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Proactivity – the path to successful public relations

A survey of large high-tech companies found some mighty unhappy campers in the executive offices — on average, they ranked their satisfaction with their own companies’ public relations programs a lowly 5.8 on a scale from 1 to 10 (least to most satisfied)*. When these same respondents were asked, “What would you say is the main reason that PR hasn’t been fully effective for you?” […]

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5 tips for making your B2B website work harder

For most business-to-business marketers, there’s no marketing tool more critical to sales success than the company’s website. As the digital face of your company, it is often your prospects’ first point of contact with you. It can also be their last if their online experience is frustrating or less than fruitful. Let’s start with the basics. A marketing website must look professional, accurately project your brand, be easy to navigate and offer useful information to visitors who want to solve problems and find answers. Hopefully, your products and […]

B2B marcomm — How to be seen everywhere at once

The benefits of combining advertising and PR in your marcomm program

Keeping your messages in front of your target audience at all times is one of the keys to marketing communications success. Whether your prospect is reading a trade journal, surfing the internet, opening the mail, checking email or attending a trade show, the more times he encounters your messages, the more likely he is to remember your company and products and, ultimately, to buy from you. [...]

How to prevent the sales and marketing disconnect

As a B2B marketing manager, how many times have you spent precious budget and effort to develop ads, website content or other marketing tools, only to have your company’s sales force create their own presentations, write off-the-cuff emails or draft proposals with no hint of established positioning? On the flip side, we bet you’ve heard salespeople groan at websites or beautiful brochures because they don’t support the selling process.

This lack of synergy in purpose and execution is usually the result of poor communication between [...]

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