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More ideas for blog content

A few months ago we gave you some ideas for blog content. (Blogpost:   Whats in your…blog? )  We hope you’ve put those ideas to good use. However, we know the pressure to come up with relevant content is unrelenting so we have some more ideas for you. Here are some things that have worked well for us:


We have a client who markets an industrial automation product.  This year we’ve been writing a weekly blog for them. There’s constant pressure for content.

One of this client’s key messages is about how tough their products are, and one of their marcomm strategies was to get more case histories. We combined the two and [...]

Branding…not just for cattle anymore

Face it. Every B2B market is flooded with competitors. How does a business-to-business marketer get products noticed? Being consistently interesting and memorable will get you recognized quicker. Those attributes need to be built into your brand image.

But just what IS a brand, anyway? CCC defines it as the sum of all the associations your prospects and customers have about your product or service or company. It’s touchy-feely and hard to control, but brand building is well worth the effort if [...]

Keep Calm and Carry on…Marketing

The economy is still a nail-biter, isn’t it? Buyers are cautious so getting sales takes a lot of work. Costs are under scrutiny. And as if that’s not enough, the entire marketing media landscape has changed. Business-to-business marketing is under pressure to perform miracles (like bringing in easy-to-close sales) while spending less.

Some companies have slashed their marketing and communications budgets, taking the hunker-down-and-ride-it-out approach. If your company is thinking of cutting marketing, here are some important points the benefits of B2B marketing and communication to share with company management:

  1. Right now someone is buying what you offer, but if buyers don’t know about you, they can’t spend their money with you. Consistent marketing and communication is critical.
  2. In a slow economy people are even more particular about who they buy from, and competition is tougher than ever. These times call for you to let buyers know about your company and show them what you stand for. [...]
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