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Is B2B advertising a facts-only zone?

Does emotion work in business-to-business marketing? Many people would say no. Making a technical equipment purchase involves different considerations than, say, buying a new breakfast cereal. A bad decision for cereal can lead to unhappy family members, but a bad decision when buying an industrial component or a business service could have major business repercussions. It could even cost someone his job. So the thinking traditionally goes like this: The B2B prospect needs information, not emotion. Let’s just explain features. Our target is a technical expert so don’t try to sell. Play it straight and stick to the facts. That’s why trade ads often […]

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Can B2B marketing be social?

The consumer marketing world is all abuzz about social media and how to use it for promotion. But what about business-to-business brands? How can a commercial or industrial marketer benefit from this medium?

What is social media?

Social media refers to a class of website that allows users to share information quickly with a designated group of individuals. That information may be quotes, news about a person or company, opinions, comments or photos. Anyone can put almost anything on social media. There’s almost no censorship and certainly no editing. What appears on social media sites runs the gamut from the trivial, like what I’m having for dinner, to major news of breaking world events. Social media is more like broadcast than print, in that social media channels are on 24/7/365. However, unlike broadcast media [...]

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5 Steps for Nurturing Leads

Most leads don’t turn into sales right away. Maybe the prospect decided to buy a competitor’s product. Maybe the need changed. Or the purchase was put off. Maybe the specs and timing weren’t fully defined when the inquiry came your way. When a sale doesn’t come through or a lead is not super-hot, what do you do? Some companies toss all those leads aside and start over, generating new leads. What a waste! CCC recommends a different approach. Think of leads as seeds. They’re full of potential, but seeds need help and encouragement to grow. So do leads. When someone reaches out to you — by visiting your website, requesting a white paper, commenting on a blog post or whatever — that person has taken the first step in establishing a relationship with your company. The next move is up to you. Why not provide some help and encouragement?

Step One: Acknowledging the contact

The first, most important thing to do is acknowledge the contact. That lets prospects know you heard them and they’re important to you. You’d be amazed at how often this step is ignored. It’s a shame because it’s so simple. If someone requests information, send it right away with a thank you. If someone comments on your blog, respond. If someone [...]

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Build your plan with objectives, strategies and tactics

Think of a good business-to-business marketing communications plan as a building. A sturdy building starts with a strong foundation-that’s the objectives we talked about in our recent blogpost. Now we’re ready to talk about framing and finishing.

Framing In – Strategies

Strategies serve as the framework of your plan. If objectives define where you’re going, strategies define how you’re going to get there. Strategic decisions take into account:
  • Target audience – Who’s involved in buying your product? How will you prioritize industries and job functions?
  • Competition – What promises are they making? What benefits do they offer?
  • Timing – Is there any seasonality involved in the purchasing of [...]

The Planning Game

Lots has been written about planning. Do a web search on B2B marketing and communications planning, and you’ll be overwhelmed. So there’s lots of talk, yet most companies don’t actually plan. Why is that? A big reason is that marketing and communications planning seems like a chore. Thinking. Researching. Writing. BAH!! Doing something—like creating a website or […]

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