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Isolate and dominate

No, it’s not a strategy for surviving the “Hunger Games” or for completing quests in the online video game, “World of Warcraft.” It is, however, one of the best strategies for achieving effective and efficient B2B advertising results in both print and digital media. So, while sounding quite formidable, it is really a very simple and logical way to stretch your marcomm budget and make an even bigger impact on customers and prospects.

When a company is deciding how best to deliver marketing messages to its key audiences, two things are a given: 1) markets are large and diverse; 2) marcomm budgets are not limitless. This leads to the conclusion that you can’t afford to reach every possible customer or prospect effectively. When advertisers try to reach too many audiences simultaneously [...]

The best marketing communications strategy now

There was a time when a B2B company could write its marcomm strategy on the back of a napkin. The list would include print ads and news releases in trade publications, some targeted direct mail and requisite appearances at key industry shows. That was because you could reach the majority of your target audiences and get results using those three tactics. [...]

What is the customer’s experience?

It’s a bitter pill, but the truth is customers are not looking for your products. They are, however, looking for solutions to their problems. This potentially startling point of view means manufacturers need to consider the “customer’s experience” with your product. It’s a valuable point of view for both designing and marketing your product. As a manufacturer, you need to avoid the mode of thinking: “Here is a product that we can make,” and get to […]

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