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The Planning Game

Lots has been written about planning. Do a web search on B2B marketing and communications planning, and you’ll be overwhelmed. So there’s lots of talk, yet most companies don’t actually plan. Why is that? A big reason is that marketing and communications planning seems like a chore. Thinking. Researching. Writing. BAH!! Doing something—like creating a website or […]

By | October 16th, 2013|Media Planning, Program Measurement, Strategic Planning|

To Create a Plan, First Know Where You’re Headed

Any plan begins with objectives…goals…what you want to achieve…the desired results. Marketing communications plans are no different. There’s sometimes confusion, though, as to what B2B marketing communications can do. Here’s a list of objectives that marketing communications programs can achieve.


A company may want to be seen as an expert in their field. In this case, they need to be accepted as a credible information source. Tactics that can be used to build credibility include:
  • Marketing public relations, especially articles, whitepapers and case histories
  • Blogs/newsletters
  • Social media [...]

3 Basics of B2B Email Marketing

Social media and mobile marketing are getting a lot of attention, but we believe B2B marketers need to remember the power of email. Email marketing is a great way to reach a defined audience. You can get a message to the right person, and save the printing and postage costs associated with surface mail. Technology makes it possible to tailor messages to recipients based on timing, interests and other parameters. While there are many cool services B2B marketers can use to implement email marketing, to be successful […]

What Does Your Investment Yield? B2B Marketing Measurement

The economy’s challenging. Management’s watching the bottom line. Marketing and communications budgets are slim. Terms like "Accountability" and "Return on Investment" are essential parts of the new marketing vocabulary. Scary? Sure. But not unmanageable. If [...]

Isolate and dominate

No, it’s not a strategy for surviving the “Hunger Games” or for completing quests in the online video game, “World of Warcraft.” It is, however, one of the best strategies for achieving effective and efficient B2B advertising results in both print and digital media. So, while sounding quite formidable, it is really a very simple and logical way to stretch your marcomm budget and make an even bigger impact on customers and prospects.

When a company is deciding how best to deliver marketing messages to its key audiences, two things are a given: 1) markets are large and diverse; 2) marcomm budgets are not limitless. This leads to the conclusion that you can’t afford to reach every possible customer or prospect effectively. When advertisers try to reach too many audiences simultaneously [...]