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QR codes, decoded

Maybe you’ve come across one of these “new bar code things” on an advertisement, brochure or business card. You may have even heard of QR codes but didn’t connect the dots between the term and what you’ve been seeing. If you’re still figuring out what QR codes are and why they matter, then “connecting the dots” is a good place to start […]

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Remember the “call to action”

Marketers sometimes forget that our audiences don’t share our enthusiasm for our products. At least, not initially. Print and online advertisements that take only a “show and tell” approach are a case in point. Such ads assume the product value will be obvious and irresistible to readers—and as a result, website traffic will spike, email boxes will fill with inquiries and phone lines will flood with orders. The reality, however, is that ad readers need a little coaxing. […]

The best marketing communications strategy now

There was a time when a B2B company could write its marcomm strategy on the back of a napkin. The list would include print ads and news releases in trade publications, some targeted direct mail and requisite appearances at key industry shows. That was because you could reach the majority of your target audiences and get results using those three tactics. [...]


Whether consciously or subconsciously, your prospects ask themselves this question within seconds of seeing your ad, mailer, e-mail, Web page or editorial feature. And as marketing communications practitioners, we try our darnedest to anticipate this question and provide meaningful answers. In fact, you’re asking yourself this question right now. What is it? “WIIFM?” stands for “What’s In It For Me?” If your prospects don’t quickly find something in your pitch that turns their crank, tickles their fancy, soothes or moves their soul, educates, enlightens, entertains or solves a problem, they move on. It’s like a contract your prospects make […]

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Web site landing pages

Capture information about your prospects before they get away

By now, most B2B marketers are familiar with Web site landing pages. These microsites allow visitors to obtain the information or other items you offered in your print or electronic ads, direct mailers or email blasts. Visitors expect fast and easy fulfillment on a landing page, whether it’s a white paper download, a video to view, a product brochure or some other offer that they’ve come to get.

By fulfilling offers, your landing pages serve your prospects. But a landing page can [...]