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What’s new in PPC? Trends for B2B marketers

Trends B2B marketers need to heed
Where have all the prospects gone? B2B marketers know that what used to work to attract customer prospects (print ads, news releases, directory listings and even cold calling) is less effective today. Now your prospects are online, which means pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and SEO are crucial to marketing success.

Navigating the digital landscape takes new skills. That’s why CCC recently sponsored a B2B webinar from Google that revealed three key trends impacting PPC. Knowledge is power, right? So read on to arm yourself with the latest research from Google.

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5 tips for making your B2B website work harder

For most business-to-business marketers, there’s no marketing tool more critical to sales success than the company’s website. As the digital face of your company, it is often your prospects’ first point of contact with you. It can also be their last if their online experience is frustrating or less than fruitful. Let’s start with the basics. A marketing website must look professional, accurately project your brand, be easy to navigate and offer useful information to visitors who want to solve problems and find answers. Hopefully, your products and […]

Hard truths and easy tools for B2B social media

There are no two ways about it — implementing and maintaining a business-to-business social media program is hard work and not immediately rewarding. Here are some truths you'll come to know:

• Social media marketing is time consuming.

You will need to designate someone in your organization to find content, manage posts and so on. Or you may need to give the responsibility to an agency or social media expert. Plan on at least a day of work per week.

• Building an audience takes time.

One of the beauties of social media marketing is the fact that you create your own audience. However, attracting the right followers can be slow and [...]

Content marketing for B2B: Where to put your content

Wonderful! You know what you want your content marketing program to achieve and you’ve inventoried your existing content (Content marketing for B2B: Start with a plan and an inventory). But now you’re stumped. There are so many channels you could use—websites, blogs, and social media vehicles. Where should your content go?

There’s no simple way to answer that question, but here are a few things to consider:

Find out where your audience goes for information

Identifying the online vehicles your audience uses is critical for successful content marketing. It’s just like identifying vehicles for advertising and public relations, though print and broadcast media make your job easier by [...]

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Content marketing for B2B: Start with a plan and an inventory

If you’re in a marketing role, you’ve probably heard of content marketing. In fact, it’s hard to miss the term since it’s our industry’s newest buzz phrase. In case you’re not sure what we’re talking about, “content” refers to information you create that’s of interest to your customer prospects. It could be presented in the form of white papers, infographics, blogs, website content, slide presentations, emails, webinars and more. The Internet and social media have spurred the need for content as marketers rush to fill these web spaces and claim more share-of-mind among prospects. But for B2B marketers […]