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“Play it again, Sam” — what Bogart knew about B2B marcomm

Okay, so Humphrey Bogart’s famous line in Casablanca is one of the film industry’s most widely misquoted. But the idea of repetition is good advice for business-to-business marketers. It’s called the frequency phenomenon, and it explains why we sometimes find ourselves saying the lines to a TV commercial or singing along with a radio jingle. Frequency, in marketing communications lingo, measures the number of times your marketing message reaches your target audience in a given time period. […]

What can B2B marketers take from “Mad Men”?

The much-talked-about TV series “Mad Men” is no more. Its last episode aired Sunday, May 17, 2015. Fan or not, if you’re in marketing or communications, you’ve heard about it. The show depicted life in the 1960s in a New York ad agency that handled consumer brands — fast food, airlines, cars, cigarettes. Given that premise, what could be the take-away for a Midwest B2B marketing communications professional in 2015? […]

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Hard truths and easy tools for B2B social media

There are no two ways about it — implementing and maintaining a business-to-business social media program is hard work and not immediately rewarding. Here are some truths you'll come to know:

• Social media marketing is time consuming.

You will need to designate someone in your organization to find content, manage posts and so on. Or you may need to give the responsibility to an agency or social media expert. Plan on at least a day of work per week.

• Building an audience takes time.

One of the beauties of social media marketing is the fact that you create your own audience. However, attracting the right followers can be slow and [...]

“Land, ho!” Landing pages are good destinations

— for B2B customer prospects and marketers

“Are we capturing leads from our marcomm activities?”

“Can we measure the results of our ad program?”

“Are prospects finding the information they want on our website?”

If you’ve been pondering any of these questions, there’s one phrase that should come to mind. Landing pages. A landing page is a webpage that [...]

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How to identify a good case study

Trade publication editors love a good case study. (You know, those stories about your satisfied customer using your saved-the-day product.) So do magazine readers – your customers and prospects. This public relations tactic gets your product applications into magazines’ editorial columns, and it lets readers learn how you helped solve real-world problems. So what separates strong case studies from less effective ones? […]

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