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Fire detection that works—so you keep working.

Reliable, high performance fire detection without nuisance alarms or premature deluge activation is a requirement in industrial and assembly line applications. The X3301 Multispectrum Infrared Flame Detector, combined with the Eagle Quantum Premier® (EQP) Safety System Controller delivers the detection and protection you need.

Det-Tronics uses proprietary optical design and patented signal processing to provide a reliable, approved and proven system that can, “See fire, only fire.” This technology ignores false alarm sources that can slow your work.

Advanced algorithms are used to reject normally hot IR surfaces, arcs, sparks and lightning strikes. The X-series is also third-party certified resistant to solar sources that can cause false alarms.


Flame detection is the Det-Tronics legacy. Det-Tronics is the leading choice for flame detection around the world because of:

Performance—unsurpassed excellence in total coverage, field of view and range

Reliability—superior protection of people, products and property

Technology—patented signal processing and precision optics which support the widest spectrum of applications

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